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    #OccupyData Hackathon Round II - Intros on Google Hangout from VJ Um Amel on Vimeo.

    R-Shief's Critical Code Blog
    By: jackcurtis, 12-12-11
    An Unprecedented Event: #OccupyData Global Hackathon Days 1 & 2
    Occupydata, an event hosted by with several co-sponsors and steering committee (/announcements/r-shief-shares-its-occupy-tweets-collective-3-day-effort-occupy-data-468659/), created a quiet buzz within the social network and media world when R-Shief announced the opening of its #occupy tags and analytics for a 3-da...
    By: Laila, 11-12-11
    #OccupyData Hackathon in Utrecht
    The students of the master programme New Media and Digital Culture ( in Utrecht, The Netherlands are interested in data analysis and visualization. Popular platforms such as Twitter generate large amounts of data that can be scraped from the Internet. At the latest Future of Entertainment Conference in Boston we met Sasha ...
    By: Ryanne, 08-12-11
    Tweet World
    Hi Laila, When can we expect to see Tweet World reports? Sounds fascinating....
    By: MzMona, 23-11-11

    Data Visualizations
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