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Hashtags generated from #Oslo first 3 days after shooting
In this interactive timeline of hashtags first commenting on the #oslo attacks, and the new hashtags that were generated from this global conversation on Twitter over the last 3 days. Click on the play button at the bottom to watch the comparison of hashtags tweeted over time. On the right side, you can click on the boxes of the hashtags you want to observe. And as you scroll, up and down that list of hashtags, you will see a word cloud of most frequent words that appeared accordingly. At the top of the graph, there are three views you can choose to view the data. The first is a scatter chart, the second is an interactive bar chart, and the third is a line graph. You can also choose, specifically, which language you might want to graph on both the x and y coordinates -- those are also interactive.

Comment if you have any questions.


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